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Anu Business Centre is a prominent business consulting company offering business set up and its allied services. We are driven by a group of talented and motivated individuals who believe in delivering the best to the clients.

Our innovative ideas and methodology combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach enable leaders to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements.

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Why Choose Us

We provide better platform assistance for your needs and we always ensure in enhancing your business ideas into a real scenario.

Company Setup

We can closely assist you through the process of forming your business.

Business Plan

We will help to execute your business plan based on current market requirements.


Make your company more attractive to investors with personalized recommendations


We are an integrated B2B marketing that gets smart quickly about complex technologies, products and services.

Legal & Accounting

We can offer expert accounting services and law firms delivering smooth and endless support services.


We are ready to provide you in Business visa invitation letter and related assitance.

Need help in Recruitment?

You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation.We offer our clients focused employee that benefit their business .

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How it Works
Business Model

Prepare your conceptual structure that supports the viability of your product to acheive the purpose and goals of the company.

Business Consulting

Our consultants focused in your business plan and apply proven methods that aid our clients in overcoming their business challenges.


You have to book appointment with our experienced consultants to discuss further and our expertise ready to help with endless support .

Planning to Invest

Buying or Investing an Existing Business: What to Know Before Taking the Plunge. Get consult our valuable guidance.

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Let’s do something amazing

Anu Business Centre strives to provde the best service possible with every contact

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